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I am running the EuroCustoms ecu upgrade on my Ferrari 360 and love it. Right away I noticed the power increase and more responsive throttle. What I like most there is no more sluggish take off like before. They provided me with excellent customer service as well. Im a happy customer and would recommend them! Jon via Ferrari Chat Forums

Ryan from EuroCustoms in PA did my Ferrari 360 tune and I am super pleased. I had a CEL from adding in high flo cats and Fabspeed headers. He got that taken care of and tuned it well. Easy to work with and quick. Hunter via Fearri Chat Forums.

I just got a tune from EuroCustoms on my Ferrari 360. The car is a monster! Id recommend them to any and all buyers. Nick via Ferrari Chat Forums.

I got my mkv gti stage 2 from EuroCustoms as well as my turbo back exhaust. Ryan has jumped thru hoops for me and got everything set for me to have a smooth install. Love the new power and it pulls HARD thanks for the best custumer service I have had in my whole life. I recommended you guys to all my vw friends. I will be back for the intercooler. -Sean S. Via Facebook

EuroCustoms was more then a pleasure to work with. Was amazed by the quick response and thr willingness to help me out with any questions and going above and beyond what I could have expected from anywhere. Got my stage 2 ko4 tune and car is eating up everything that comes near it lol. Thanks again!!!. -Bruno A. Via Facebook

EuroCustoms is the best place i have ever done business with. I found them on a forum and left a message and they contracted me within a couple hours. I am new to the tuner scene and these guys were extremely helpful. I purchased a stage 1 tune and love driving my car. I shipped off my ECU and out was done and back to me exactly like they said. I put it back in my car and took off. If i have a question i get an answer quick almost anytime of the day. I ordered a downpipe and a Diverter and received a confirmation of shipment the next day. If you want great service and your own personal tech support go to EUROCUSTOMS TUNING. thanks alot. Billy P. Via Facebook.

Just got my 04 b6 a4 quattro tuned to there stage 2 today. very satisfied, huge power increase and pulls hard now. Inquired about it last night and im literally chipped the next day. Great customer service had a response within 2 minutes. Was done the process in less than an hour too. Ryan answered all my questions and because your dealing directly with with person that does the tune it just makes more sense. Go EuroCustoms! " Also I just beat a Mustang GT haha" Matt W. Via Facebook.

I recently got the EuroCustoms downpipe and stage 2 tune in my VW MKV... I believe my first words during the initial test drive was "HOLY S#!T!" This thing is a beast! Great product, AWESOME customer service too. Highly recommended to anyone looking to tune their VW. Jesse G. Via Facebook.

Im all smiles I got my ECU tuned for my K04-022 on my 180TT its ridiculous. I cant stop cheesin thanks Ryan cant wait to meet you in June with my brother. Austin S. Via Facebook.

I wanna start by saying wow! My experience with EuroCustoms was everything I was looking for. Last Saturday I had my 01 jetta 1.8 t tuned. I spoke with them for a few days and I learned so much about tuning. I live a hour and a half away and they worked their day around me with their good prices and amazing tuning I recommend them to anyone. It is night and day my car runs so more responsive and better and much much more power everything he told me I would get I got and then some. Also they recommended a few things in a prompt email that I have done and It keeps getting better. I am so pleased at the friendly service that was provided I called AWE an others and I got no answer and when I did it was a crazy amount of money. If u ask me if u go else were u are wasting money I will be using EuroCustoms in the future for other builds and would highly recommend you do the same. Thank you so very much, you guys are awesome. Went from 10 psi boost to a rocket 21 pounds better mileage and just a down right fun ride. Anthony S. Via Facebook.

Thanks again for flashing my ecm. The difference in power is night and day doesnt even feel like the same car. Brian L. Via Facebook.

Finally got around to putting my 3" downpipe onto my 07 GTI. I love it, the sound is amazing, and I actually feel a power gain and more so with how the cars turbo lag feels like it hits in half of the time. Tyler A. Via Facebook.

Eurocustoms Just tuned my GTI huge increase from stock..very happy with it. Thanks alot! You guys are awesome! Justin H. Via Facebook.

I was having a engine miss under hard acceleration shortly after my tune was installed. As a result I spoke with Ryan who was extremly helpful in diagnosing the issue of a VW recalled ignition coil. He was very helpful with fixing my vehicle when the problem had nothing to do with him or his product. It is nice to work with a company that cares! BTW my car is crazy fast from the tune...I cant thank EUROCUSTOMS enough. The tune is unbelievable! Jeff Y. Via Facebook.

So yesterday I went up to PA and got my car tuned from the company EuroCustoms. I always wanted to tune my car and had no clue where to start. Anyway I bought a EuroCustoms Downpipe from them and loved the sound. About a week later they sent me a message and asked if I was tuned. So to make a long story short. I went up to PA. They tuned my car in about an hour and I could not be happier! Let me tell you about the tune. Ryan was very helpful. I asked a lot of questions and he answered everyone. Anyway if you are looking for a good tune Choose EuroCustoms. Boost is 18-20 psi. Anthony Via GolfMKV Forum.

Giving Eurocustoms Tuning a big A+++. They put a Stage 1 flash into my 2008 Audi A3 and felt a much quicker throttle response and almost no turbo lag. There was a big notice in the mid range rpms. Ryan showed professionalism and answered all my questions. I decided on Eurocustoms Tuning after a month of reviewing all local tuning shops and definitely encourage others to look into them, they have gained my respect. Eurocustoms Tuning will be doing all future upgrades on my A3. Tony. M Via Facebook.

I Recently got my b6 tuned by Euro Customs in Perkasie, PA. Wanted to leave a review to give them some cred and hopefully help some fellow 1.8Ters out in PA/NJ/NY areas. So its been about 3 weeks now since I got my tune done. My only word to describe it is WOW. Ryan and crew really came up with an aggressive Stage 1 tune that has turned my car from a grocery getter into a street hungry animal. From the stock hp to the now 216hp I can feel the potential of this car when I step on the left pedal(A/T). The turbo is pushing hard and once I hit about 2400 RPM it really pulls hard. Torque from stock went up to about 248. As for EuroCustoms and my experience, Ryan was very professional and easy going. The software is their own, the engineer of the software has over 15 years of experience in tuning and programming. (He sure as hell knows how to get the best out of a stock 1.8T!!) I would definitely deal with this company again and recommend them very highly. They continued their professionalism by answering any questions I had after the tune and helping me with some noob Audi questions this past week. All in all I love the way my car responds now and how much power it is producing! Check out Euro Customs! Shawn C. Via Facebook.

Still loving the $ spent to date!!! Ed B. Via Facebook.

I just got my tdi tuned tonite by EuroCustoms! 140hp 280ft/lb torque up from 90hp 155ft/lb torque it really pulls now!! Very nice guy. If you need a tune give these guys a ring. They have mobile service too! Keith M. Via Facebook.

Thanks again for tuning my VW EOS. The tune is amazing and makes the EOS feel like a different/new car. I can not beleive what your tune was able to do to the 2.0t. Thanks for working with my schedule and installing the tune quickly. I dont have anything but praise for your company, product, and service. I highly recommend EuroCustoms!!! Jeffrey Via Facebook.

My 1.8t passat is so much better now with the tune its awsome! Great company thanks! Kyle D. Via Facebook.

I just got my GTI 1.8T tuned stage 2 and its a crazy difference thanks again. Looking forward to working with ya again T.J. Via Facebook.

Truly impressive !! EuroCustoms made my car happy and me happier. I have tried a few different set ups on my stage 3 C5 Audi A6 2.7T so far and this one will stay. Its an absolute animal when I want it to be with a perfect OE smoothness under normal driving conditions. p.s launch control is very nice!!! Thanks! William T. Via Facebook.
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